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9:54 p.m. - Friday, Feb. 15, 2013
all that she wore
oh the lonely do the craziest things, eh?

i am wearing a deep purple mock turtleneck with dark blue jeans and black boots that go mid-shin with faux-fur lining. my hair has only a clip in it on the right side and i am wearing a silver flower ring with green gems.

since i have no one to tell these things to, or to have seen me before i go out with a stranger...i shall leave the info here. lest it be all that she wrote.

i am going out with i think his name is jarrod robert n lopez but im not sure. but i know hes from wa state.

im not scared im just being as smart as one stupid person can be.

im not scared. that puts people off. off-puts them if you supposed to be afraid of everything and do nothing. no.

hippies got lots of places trusting strangers. and random girls still got abducted from roadsides. ill not cower. and ill not sit around being miserable when there are equally miserable yet cool people out there waiting to meet me.


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