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4:07 p.m. - Tuesday, Mar. 19, 2013
new york guys
im home for almost a month. im starting to forget. but i dont want to forget. all dem boys. some good, some bad, some barf, some unremembered...

ill try and start from the jump:

-craigslist 4th of july
-met sol
-fireworks on the hudson
-jazz bar, took shots, danced
-walked round w 4th for the first time
-got him drunk :)
-his jewhouse in bk
-his car by ninas
-comes real quick
-applebees in times square
-off the wagon
-fat black pussycat
-met shanendoah
-union met ace
-met plex
-met keys
-met shadow
-met ty (who i KNEW didnt rape anyone)
-weekend with my boyfriend
-walking the bridge
-fightng and crying
-making up and holding hands
-smoking in our own world behind the construction fence on 15th
-so much heartache and wanting
-fight with tonyg
-wishing itd never end..
-met dwight and mike
-spin the bottle party
-kissed mike
-went home with dwight
-slept on his couch
-left him a gbye note
-gay architect
-showed me the roof
-oh no, hard to remember his apartment
-tadgh from milanos
-my first irish makeout
-took a shot of some strong shit
-felt like a dog lapping at my mouth
-walk with a bum day
-dont know his name!
-wish i did
-reminds me of drummer danny
-gave me my fuzzy black hat
-we walked alll day and drank and talked
-ah, remy
-sharing every cig
-finding dollars for alcohol
-we broke up the night i found the 2012 short story book
-smoking on the stoops by the construction site
-queens party forest
-talkin downton abbey in random bar on broadway in harlem
-pool in washington heights
-him pawing my head like a puppy
-his smile and laugh
-hiding from his roommates girlfriend
-walking the world and back
-breakfast in queens? that i dont remembr
-his cousin works at bloomingdales
-bucky ball
-a mix between dash and buddy from incredibles
-times square
-post office in midtown
-touched the empire state, flatiron building
-feeling like pretty woman in his store
-friends on his couch
-ate me out our first night together
-first date bocce ball
-got him drunk at milanos
-laying in his bed all day smoking
-playing wii
-walking to get chinese food, pizza
-dont step in dogshit
-random spanish guy from milanos
-sitting in a building meter room
-on crates
-drinkin beer
-he stole beer from me
-tried to get away from him on train

these are my guys of new york. they showed me more than i could ever ask for. and i am eternally grateful for meeting them. theyve given me more than i could ask for.


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