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3:05 a.m. - Thursday, Jun. 27, 2013
jersey whirlwind usual...everythings changed..

john and I are friends again. pretty much like normal (thank glob) and there are no leftover feelings from the inevitable disaster that we set in motion.

I also have a new boyfriend. I swear-4 in one year is a new record and that doesn't include the sols, edouards, jays, etc. that were never fully realized or established...

I cannot believe I am dating jersey john.

I also cannot believe that he knows hes my potential unborn baby daddy-and that that's okay.

I cant believe im working on this to be a real thing.

its been a month exactly.

so much has happened in the last month and im upset I don't have a calendar for this year for it to be immortalized on. lemme try....

memorial day weekend we went to Orlando to go to sea world with his fam. Friday night my ex jon and his friend came to our hotel room and at some point we officialized this. the next day we sea worlded with his parents and niece and nephew. the following day we went on a boat with tom and jon for 24 hours. it was magical and I experienced molly for the first. after a night of swirly happy colors, in-the-water-on-the-boat-sex, redneck shit talking, and lotsa drinking we headed back home stealing an ex bf with us.

I cant go into it all because every day is a full whole new story with him. but its nonstop excitement, exhaustion, and regretlessness...

hes not like me. in so many ways. sometimes, in so many ways that I don't know how this will work. but, im more focused on how it will work. we both have a lot behind us that were working on dealing with, coming to terms with, and overcoming-together. idk.

but, im onto my third john and I hope hes my last. idk.

damn, bout time I updated. my b.


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