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12:32 p.m. - Friday, Nov. 04, 2016
dont call
i want your touch
i want your lust
i want to trust
that when you call
you dont want much
but to hear my sweet voice
and say hey
sorry its been awhile
how was your day

but that call never comes
or that touch
or your lust
im not the one

i wanted your blue eyes
deep within mine
i wanted a love
the angels would covet
and define as Divine
but your eyes see right through me
now its all said and done
the angels have sung
and youre not the one

so why
do i writhe
in my bed
with you stuck
in my head
wishing one of us
was dead
wishing i would have
stopped and read
the warning signs
flashing over your head

but i didnt
i tossed caution to the wind
with my clothes on
i jumped in
no longer an adult
but a dumb lovestruck kid
who doesnt even know
what true love is
but i was willing to try
it was dumb to think
we could make
something real
out of this

i was wrong
now on the other side
im worse than before
i cant take any more
pushed you out the door
and now
im waiting for the before
before i ever thought about
your touch
or noticed
the color of your eyes
before i cared
if you lusted
for my thighs

i long for the once upon a time
where i was already happily after
before i ever met you
and you made my life
a disaster

so dont call
dont touch
dont lust
i dont trust
that this will ever
be a thing
when its all said and told
this poem
is the best thing
that me knowing you
ever came to bring


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