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9:51 a.m. - June 07, 2004
new smyrna beach
this place is beautiful. its a regular beach town. theres a cute little street with like 3 or 4 surf shops on it. and a cool hangout is the ice cream place on flagler ave.

the houses are so cool! theres one shaped like a triangle and almost all of them have widows walks on top. i dont think ive ever seen one before and here theyre everywhere. the sand on the beach is closer to white than at home where its a nice shade of brown. and here, if you pay $5 you can drive/park on the beach.

one downside: at walgreens, if you want coricidin you have to go to the pharmacy to ask for it. hopefully ill have better luck at wal-mart. but regardless, i have like 3 1/2 sheets and there is p-lenty of marijuana to be smoked. oh and some parrot bay.

this house melissa got is awesome. on one of the walls in the dining area is a huge bullseye painted on. it purple and white and i love it. there are the cutest little sushi magnets on the fridge and theres a jacuzzi in the backyard. theres plenty of movies and games here and lots of surfer books and zines. not to mention the vintage boards out back. the beach is in walking distance and everything else is in bike or driving distance.

i like it a lot. if i lived here i can see the boredom, but since im just here for a week, im loving it. what its lacking is people. there are lots of hot guys who work at publix but where do they hang out? we need people to bring back to the house and have sex with! thats not on my to-do list but we'll see what happens... just going on and on, which is a bad habit ive picked up today. it definitely gonna get worse after we smoke this ginormous bowl. i cant wait. im smoking this one for you bree. :)


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