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4:00 p.m. - June 09, 2004
new smyrna=bored crazy
there are no boys here. and i have wiped the place out of triple c's.

there are 2 boxes left at the publix over the bridge. when we run out of the 2 boxes i just got then ill get those.

there are no boys here. last night i let a strange guy who just got out of the job corp (?) walk me home and we chilled on the beach. as fucked up as i was, i chose to go home where everyone was asleep rather than stay at the beach with him. when he pulled the line: "have you ever seen a shooting star? well, i did and my wish just came true." i knew it was time to go. i dont think anyone has ever used a line on me, and for that i am so grateful. it saves them the humiliation of being dumped by an easy and drugged up teenage girl-which is very rare...

i dont think i am making any sense. i just want to meet people. and keep getting fucked up. blech-wish me luck.


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