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9:17 a.m. - July 03, 2004
a very merry 4th
so, 4th of july is tomorrow. a couple of weeks ago i had nothing to do-and i was bugging. this is my last 4th here with my friends and i wanted to get crunked and make sure it was forever remembered.

then, melissa got $1000 from her aunt for graduating. so she says: im gonna buy an 8 ball and a quarter of kryp. then all of a sudden my holiday was looking up. last year there was this techno party down in coral gables or something. i went. so boring! the best part was the fireworks that went off with the music. and melissa suggested it and i flipped. but then i thought: last year i was were planning to go down there.

then, i get word of smokefest II: return of the bong (my friends are dorks). dustins newest chick is in norway and he has her house keys. so, major party going on there. itd be so great to see everyone one last time before we all start spreading out around the country. and melissas roommates are barbecuing and whatnot.

but then, last night, melissa texts me: my connection fell through. i almost cried. well not really. but i was sad.

i had told miriam about me and melissas plans and she told me she was thinking about doing the same thing and asked if mel had any hookups. so i had to break the news to miriam that she wasnt getting any of the nose candy. but lo and behold, she says: oh, that sucks. well, i have a connection and i can prolly get you the same amount for $120. and now im happy again.

i really hope something really fun goes down tomorrow night. if i am going to start working 40+ hours a week (my boss got fired which leaves 40 extra hours for the rest of us) i need to get my kicks before i become ms. workaholic. blah! this entries too long!!


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