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6:06 p.m. - August 08, 2004
happiest place on earth my ass
i was so excited to go to orlando this weekend. i couldnt wait to go back to magic kingdom and epcot and i was really excited to finally go to animal kingdom and MGM.

when i got into the car with aj, i suddenly wanted to run back into the house and sleep the weekend away. i knew the 2 days were going to take a lot of patience and fake smiles.

thankfully, on the way up, talking was limited because we were watching "the professional" (awesome movie-btw). but once we got to the resort-i wanted to shoot him. every five seconds: this is gonna be great! im so psyched! were going to have so much fun! he wouldnt shut up. its like, hes physically incapable of saying something just one time. he has to repeat himself over and over and then bring it back up an hour later and just blather on and on. i was so sick of having to respond to the same things with the same response a million times.

for example: i live with 2 little boys. aj saw them as we were leaving. and he was saying how cute they are and how adorable they are. okay, thats fine-i get that a lot, they are cute. but to mention them while were walking around epcot? why? and then again at magic kingdom and at the movies and the next day at MGM?

and this-by the end of the first day, i was just UGH!!!!-he pushed me. whenever we were exiting a ride or a show, he had like 2 fingers on my back pushing me out. like, he just couldnt wait to get out or i was too slow for him? i wanted to turn around and slap him. it was soo fucking annoying! i dont understand his constant need to touch me! and while we were walking the parks if he bumped into me-no apology. what?! first of all-ur watch just scraped a layer of my skin off. second of all-move over!!!! every little thing was bothering me.

saturday morning, on the tram from the parking lot to MGM, i looked up and regretted it with all my heart. and yet, i couldnt help but smile to myself with satisfaction as a result of what i saw. he had this single nose hair sticking a good half inch out from his nose. i noticed this just as he struck up a conversation with the strangers beside us (which he did every chance he could). yeah, that bothered the fuck out of me too. he would listen to other people's conversations then jump in. i think he thought theyd been talking to him all along, and itd have been rude not to have turned around and jumped in.

"oh, your from england? i could tell by your accent. ive seen a movie about england once. i bet that overcast weather gets to you, huh? itd drive me crazy! ha ha!"

one of his victims saw me rolling my eyes and quietly chuckling-and i could tell she wanted to do the exact same thing.

and the pictures! i wanted to take pictures with the characters (ive never done it before-why not?) and he swears hes a david lachapelle or something. and he was taking them vertically. i dont like long pictures! and when i called him on it, he tried to tell me how i should like my pictures. so, i had to come up with some excuse for him to take a normal picture of me and goofy and of me and chip&dale and of me and eeyore. unfortunately, i think me, miss piggy, and kermit and me, buzz, woody, and jess are the stupid way.

i didnt mean to ramble like this. and it was only a 30 hour trip-but ugh! i dont ever want to talk to him again. thank god i leave the 17th. oh yeah, and i didnt even get to eat any triple c's. he thwarted all my plans for that. and the coke, no time. he was around every second!

but it wasnt all bad.just mostly.


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