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8:42 a.m. - September 07, 2004
conservation biology can suck it
you know how there are some places where you never even think about going? or something? well, for me, colorado is my istanbul. who goes to colorado? especially if its not denver. me.

this kid whos the newest member of the posse (which, honestly, im getting sick of) is uber-rich and his parents just built this $2 million house in the mountains. so, we went. we left just after the butt crack of dawn saturday morning and got back yesterday late afternoon.

the plan was to be sober as little of the time as possible. but, the alcohol wasnt in the abundance wed planned it to we spent most of the time stoned, eating, listening to music, and watching movies. can i just say...donnie darko is a very good movie-from what i can remember. jake gyllenhall is pretty cute. and the movie made me want to be schizophrenic.

but god! the drive back-i wanted to kill myself. the two people in the front were driving me absolutely bananas. every other word out of their mouths was EVER! or EVEN!

"this is the longest drive in the land! EVER!!"

"gosh! i dont know where we are even!"

they dont make any sort of sense when they talk and they dont really even care. but it was so horribly annoying. i wanted to shoot myself. i had already listened to my 3 cds twice each...and the headphones started to hurt. so i had to take them off and listen to the farthest-thing-ever-from articulate-converstion happening in the front of the eurovan...

i really dont have any incredibly interesting stories to tell of the weekend. it was pretty bland actually. oh, there were dead mice in the hot tub...and it took forever and a million screams to get the carcasses out. unfortunately, the skin and fur were left in the hot tubs filter.

um...we were gonna barbecue, but a field mouse or some other ginormous rodent decided to nest in it. it was a very nice nest though.

oh! i saw shooting stars! and i saw the big dipper! i never believed it was real until this weekend when we found it. that totally made my night.

and thats it. thats my weekend. thats my boring life. 2 girls. 3 guys. no action.

i havent kissed someone since...maybe orlando with that asshole. and before that it was either patrick-from bahia cabana or jermaine-vomitrocious...

ahhhh!!!!!! im goin crazy-shoot me!

yep...really boring trip. 2 girls.


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