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7:12 p.m. - October 13, 2004
much ado about nothing-as usual
its so cold today. 47 degrees at 1230 this afternoon. crazy, huh? yes. yes it is.

i think there was snow today. i thought the rain was too thick and white to be water, but when i stuck my hands out the window and went outside-just water. but xia says there was a little bit of snow. but he could be lying.

glens a dick an i dont ever wanna talk to him again...he had the nerve to say: lets hang out when you come home. im not even going to respond to that.

these presidential debates are stupid. i watched the first one, but that was it. its just stand-up to me. someone is watching right now, but im not going to hurt my brain by listening. theyre both the same and ugh...i dont have anything to say to that either...

aj called my cell phone today. too bad my mom in fort lauderdale has it. but, its equally too bad that she gave him my number here. ive decided to not answer any of my phone calls-just let them all go to the machine. caller id would be so much easier, but oh well. i dont ever want to talk to him again. why would he call me?! ugh!!

jesus im boring. if you made it this far, im sorry for this whole boring entry.


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