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12:38 p.m. - February 17, 2005
since last semester we have watched a lot of zombie/monster movies-more than ive ever watched before. from the original evil dead to the dawn of the dead remake to shaun of the dead. im not sure why, we just have.

this morning i woke myself at like, 6:45 scared to go back to sleep because i knew i would fall right back into the same dream id been having, what seemed like, all night. it was a zombie dream and somehow id managed to survive dozens of vicious attacks. i was like shaun or mila jovovich in resident evil-i kicked ass. but i was still so scared. it was so real. i hated it.

which got me thinking. it would suck to have to fight off zombies and save the world. like, it feels good to decapitate them and all, but its so scary. and gross. you have to step over their dead bodies to escape. and around every corner they could be there.

i was in a huge mall. and it was pretty much empty (if you dont count the dead bodies sprawled everywhere). i just wanted to get out, but every store i passed i had this huge fear of a zombie waiting for me. at one point, i was going to buy a ticket to santa fe ( i guess i was in florida) and the ticket selling place was about to open-i was soo gonna buy a ticket. just as the lady was opening, she was killed. it was horrible!

im very grateful that, as far as i know, zombies have yet to walk the earth and attack me. as awesome as my fighting skills were in my dream, i doubt that id prove that talented in real life.


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