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2:23 p.m. - May 02, 2005
uptown girl
i dont know or, by any means uderstand, anything about my feelings right now. and, like most things in life, its really pissing me off.

i have...something...for reid. i can only say i dont know so many times. but, really, i dont know.

i know i dont like him with other people. but, im like that with all of my good friends. i know that i would rather be with him more than anyone else anywhere in my life right now. i know that i dont ever get sick of his company (although i cant say the same for him of me).

but what does that mean? i dont know!

but i do know that the word of my life seems to be unrequited. and that when he leaves me in florida ill be a lot sadder than him. but i also know how easy i can deny my feelings and act like they dont exist in order to get over them. itll probably take me having sex with someone new in gainesville, but i have to.

i did it to get over mike, glen, hector-anyone ive ever cared about whos left me. i wish i were a better person. then maybe hed like me.

no. prolly not. sorry for the pity entry, but i have no one to talk to.


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