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9:37 p.m. - Sunday, Aug. 16, 2009
my heart rules.

he rules my heart.

its incredible how many facets, compartments, cubbies my heart has. for different people. in different times in different minds.

i never kno how i feel until i feel it at a certain moment. a year ago i felt completely different. but nothings changed except for my mindset.

he hasnt. i havent really.

but i love him.

i loved him before. i stopped. i stopped. i stopped in the sense that i was alright with him being with other girls.

now, hes not here. i miss. i miss him.

i miss him in ways ive never known him.

but i love him,

i loved him years ago. and years ago.

i got hurt. i got over it.

its hurt me all these years and ive just played jilted-but-still-faithful-wife.

he doesnt know. how id love him. how im perfect for him.

(i feel ive said this for someone else before, but i cant recall whom right now.)

hes not here right now. another state. across this country from me.

when he returns. i want to be it. i know what he wants. and that ive never been it.

i will. because i love him. i love him like hes never been loved. pure, true love michael. i love you.


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