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11:04 a.m. - Friday, Nov. 20, 2009
just in time
why is there no one to stop me? to make me stop?

who lets me do this?

im falling so stupid hard. like right now theres a huge knot in my stomach. or butterflies. or butterflies tied in knots. i cant see in there so im not really sure. but...somethings happening.

hes perfect. to me. for me. ill do anything for him. i just want to know him. for him to know me. i believe ive met him for a reason.

i am going to look back on this in weeks, months, or years and wonder: wtf? or who was i talking about?

because nothing may happen from this. then ill feel stupid. as i very often do. but...this feels good and right.

jesus! how many times have i said someone is perfect for me? but this one really, really is! need i list? i dont think i do. but a big thing he has going for him is that hes an aquarius. that excites me to no end.

i dont know. but i do know. in my head i know everything-i do. and sometimes i allow my heart to deviate. but here...theyre both in sync and thinking and feeling harmoniously.

youll see.

ill see.




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