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11:40 p.m. - Tuesday, Jan. 04, 2011
im baaack
i wish i could draw a picture of how ridiculous i feel..just how exactly dumb i feel when i read entries from so long ago. or even not so long ago, relatively. i probably could draw a picture that encompasses the ridiculosity of how i feel after reading the old me's thoughts because i am a terrible drawer or artist or whathaveyou. poor me. i know nothing. and i dont learn that i know nothing until ive already moved onto the next thing that i think i know.


i dont even want to address the 2010 me. though thats not fair to discard myself so simply. easily.

i have a lot of self-work to do this year. fuck the this year. it could be may and if i needed to fix myself i wouldnt wait until the new year. my ass. the new year starts when i decide. this one just happens to coincide with the calendrical new year.

more, real coming.


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