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6:55 p.m. - 2004-03-03
look on the bright side: location, location, location
okay, stop the presses: i got a job.

someone actually hired me to help their business continue. they want me to be a part of their team. pinch me.

its not the pay i want. but location, location, location. i can see the beach from my "office".

i will work in the gift shop of the bahia cabana. the restaurant positions are filled. but my boss told me up fron that itd be the "easiest job ill ever have-as long as i can fold" and if i cant, shell teach me. i wont embarass myself by mentioning the pay. but at least theres hope now for prom.

i am excited. guys go to the beach. i am ready for guys, i think. not love!...just guys. feel free to visit more of me @ sublime09


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