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3:03 p.m. - 2004-03-05
catch me if u can
oh lordy! the boredom! all day: boredom. maybe its because its friday and i have gone to like 3 classes all week. or maybe its just because all my classes are dull and drab. who bored.

we have a sub in trig. we started to watch out of time (i voted for mona lisa smile) but everyone was too loud. so, the sub asked: who wants to go to ms. hart's class? like 7 people jumped, including me. on the way however, 1 went to the bathroom and 3 went home. i woulda gone with the 3 but im getting picked up after school. so i gotta be here.

so, yeah. here i am. an escapee in my 3rd hour english class. doing nothing. theyre reading "the color of water". i read it in the fall. its good. ah! what am i saying? whatever. i start work today. at least i have that.

pray for me. cuz i dont. bye. feel free to visit more of me @ sublime09


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