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2:31 a.m. - 2004-03-07
we saw paris in flames
yeah, so i went to see thursday tonite. quite unexpected. if anything, i expected to hit up a seminole casino and go out to lost paradise. not go to the culture room and see thursday.

i thought we'd agreed to go to the casino without cari. and mikes like, "the second show starts at 11."

"second show of the casino?" i was confused.

then hes like, "its not south is it?"

"um, yeah, the reservations are way south."

"no, the show."

"what show?"


"i dont have money to go see a band im only on the verge of liking!"

"whatever, ill pay."

"fine, yeah, its north, on oakland park blvd."

so, we go. im wearing hip huggers, a tiny shirt from express, and flip-flops. not really concert attire-especially coheed concert attire. whatever. shitty night, might as well. i lost my right shoe at least 7 times, there is no longer any nail polish on either of me big toes, and im pretty sure everyone anywhere near me saw my crack. but, i have bruises. so, it was a success. although i felt mad stupid knowing only about 3 words out of about songs. oh well, i pushed people.

now, i go to sleep. hopefully i will awake tired still, and go fall asleep out in the sun and tan/burn more.

bob, my life sucks. it sucks the big one. feel free to visit more of me @ sublime09


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