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2:37 p.m. - May 19, 2004
mortified last couple of entries (excluding michelle cuz i like that song) are kinda boring. they show the extreme side of my boring life. i havent mentioned my fucked-upscapades with melissa, have i?

i honestly totally forgot this whole thing happened until melissa reminded me last night. thats how fucked up i was.

i dont remember what night i went out...friday? sounds good. anyways, melissa invited me out to meet her best friend who we are going to be sharing the beach house with in new smyrna in a couple weeks. i didnt really wanna go-what with the murderously painful tooth and all-but i wanted to check out this kid. maybe there would be a future hook-up. to cut the suspense on that one: there wont be.

anyways...we went down to miami somewhere to smoke (i dont see why we couldnt have smoked in hollywood, though). that lasted for a very minimal time in which i got very stoned. mels friend joeys sister wanted to go somewhere or something, so we let them ditch us, and we went to find something else to do. and we found danny.

mels friend danny lives really close to me and it was way too early to go home. so, we went there and let him smoke us out. honestly, it was pretty boring: we couldnt be too loud-he was babysitting and the kids were sleeping-and we had to smoke out in the backyard. it was surprisingly cool out, and of course i was in one of my skirts (im addicted, i just keep buying them. i think i have 6 skirts now. a couple of months ago i would not have been caught dead in one). not my idea of fun. when we went back in the house i think the kid put on happy gilmore-i just remembered that. and apparently, as mel informed me last night, i fell asleep and started snoring. oh the shame!

when she told me that i was so embarassed. despite the fact it was just her and i talking and that she snorts when she laughs. i felt so humiliated. she swears it wasnt loud or heavy or anything, she would have woken me up for that. but, still. come on. who wants to be sitting in this guys house in a cute little outfit only to pass out and start snoring? not i. just thinking about it i dread seeing this kid again.

but yeah. we are supposed to take bars with him friday. on sunday he should have some acid on him, which i am dying for. so, i still have to see this kid. i feel so stupid! my face gets warm everytime i think about him seeing me snoring. i dont care how loud it was! ughh!!!

mortified. that is the perfect word for it. i am mortified. all right, i think this was soo long enough. so peace.


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