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1:35 a.m. - July 19, 2004
burn, baby, burn
for some reason today the retard at the front desk decided to burn an incense (incent? whats one called?).

but, as though that werent bad enough (considering the fact that its a fire hazard and all), he didnt have it in a holder thing or even a friggin ashtray. it was hanging off the edge of his desk so the ashes could fall straight into the trash. at least the man had that much sense.

but i was doing something and laid my hand down. i felt something stab me but knew i hadnt stick my hand on a knife or anything so i took my sweet ass time moving it-until i realized id plopped my hand right down on the stupid thingy. i got burnt. god it hurt.

i spent the next forever whining and holding ice to it. until one of the valet guys told me that the more cold i apply, the more its going to burn.

great! just f*@%ing great. i hate pain-i really do and the only way i could make this hurt go away was to do nothing. stupid time. yes, i know time heals all wounds and stuff-but it hurt!

well...that was at least 4 hours ago and im better now. time did heal my wound. yay. okay-im out of things to say...


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