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9:37 a.m. - November 28, 2006
musings, missings, and apathy
im such a loser.

im getting sick.

miguel loves me too much.

i fear love.

i fear his love.

i fear not loving him.

my family loves me too much.

i dont care enough about anyone.

lincoln just gave me a cookie.

no, not abraham lincoln.

i am officially addicted to the cyberworld of myspace.

my throat hurts.

i didnt want to wake up today.

very lazy this morning.

im wearing adidas sweatpants and a volcom hoodie.

nothing else.


now im hot.

and theres nothing under this hoodie.


my hairs a mess.

customer keeps talking in my ear.

i just want to eat my cookie.

i think my right arm is a snatch longer than my left.

what is love?

will i ever find it?

will i ever know?


daft punk is stuck in my head.

dont stop.

come a little closer.

i pee like 12 times a day.

i think somethings wrong.

i want a kitten.


i have to pee.

in this dream, im dancing right beside you.

my nails are dirty.

i think ive stopped growing emotionally.

about 4 years ago actually.

my scars are fading.

is it friday yet?

i have to work this weekend anyways.

i wish i had an accent.

im glad i dont have a boston accent.

when can i go to the beach and tan?


why am i so empty?

i love salad.

with ranch dressing especially, lately.

i usually love italian or vinegar based dressings, though.

i want my first love again and again and again.


go away.

leave me alone.

ive said those things way too much in my life.

and ill do it again.


go away.

leave me alone.


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