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1:22 p.m. - January 18, 2007
i'll fucking SCREAM at you!

how could he yell at me? how could he be that fucking upset? i guess im flattered but im also a little pissed because he made me lose my appetite and im on lunch. i was gonna get food but i had to go and call my boyfriend first. does he understand that???

i dont have any girl friends. theyre at college. and my best friend is busy with her boyfriend and their issues. so who am i supposed to hang out with?

most of my friends are guys. goddammit miguel. if i was gonna fuck one of them id have done it already. and i sure as hell wouldnt do it while i have a boyfriend. whats the point?

i dont know what to do now. hes not happy if i play with other people and hes not happy if im sitting lonely and miserable in my room.


become single slash free?

no, nothing like that. but we need to work on this because i dont feel like being yelled at for hanging out with my friends.


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