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3:57 p.m. - January 30, 2007
this ain't no pipe dream!!!
so, to elaborate some on austin...i want to live there.

it came to me out of nowhere and quickly became the perfect place to live.

its really dumb to start planning some crazy scheme like this, i kno that. but i have to sometime or im stuck here. we're stuck here.

and no one wants to be stuck...

i plan on beginning a new life that involves only us. no one else. we dont need anyone else. maybe by the time we've straightened everything out-money, school, relationshipping-we can have other people. but its really all about us. strengthening ourselves and each other.

im so excited. but its going to be hard. preparing for a move. doing it. and living it.

and in 6 months, when i read this entry from the same desk in the same state, i will hate myself even more than i already do.

but i can visualize it. it seems so right! how can that be wrong, right?

no matter where it stoked to exist with and only with miguel...

cross your fingers.


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