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7:59 a.m. - April 13, 2007
is it soo wrong to want to love someone? to want to shower someone with affection that you have pent up inside you?

is it?

i dont kno why i ask, because i kno its not. but thats what the cosmos seem to be trying to convey to me.

whys it so hard to find someone i really want, who wants me back, that i wont fall out of love with after a couple months?

i really want to love someone. hard. i want to love them hard. but i cant do that with just anyone. and i feel lonely because i cant seem to find that person and it feels almost hopeless.

im single and loving it-i guess. but i still crave perfect companionship. and..i dont know. i want something im not sure ive ever even had. so, how do i know it even exists? i dont. but im still forever holding out for it.

whatever it is.

find me it.


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