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9:18 a.m. - Wednesday, May. 16, 2007
rain, rain, please do stay
ive always said it. im happier-i feel warmer and more content-when im depressed. its true. i feel better. more myself.

just like when it rains and the skies are all gray. it feels warm. it feels comfortable. i know it and i can dig it.

today, the world is gray and wet. i cant imagine that somewhere the sky is blue. but, i like it. i dont know why. the melancholy of the world is my home.

the rain is relaxed-not high strung. no one rushes anywhere when its raining-pouring-theres nowhere to go...

i dont know. its pouring-has been since before i woke up. and i like it. i like the gray that pours through the windows.

but yeah. i want to love owen. and i can. could. will? maybe. if hes lucky.


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