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8:30 a.m. - Thursday, Aug. 09, 2007
dummy boys
im going a little crazy. maybe not a little. more like a lot. and it all has to do with guys. stupid guys-whom i hate. and some of my mom. i hate her too. but im only here to talk of the "men" in my life.

i needed to get out yesterday. so i went for a walk. who should drive by? owen and his ex-slut. as they passed me i saw her-who was driving-do a 360 and turn and look at me. my heart exploded. i felt horrible. i ran to the gazebo and cried. and i thought id stayed long enough to avoid their return trip past me...nope. they drove right by as i headed home. it disgusts me.

ugh...theres more-but no time. last night was just a horrible night. ill elab one day.


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