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10:11 a.m. - Saturday, Nov. 15, 2008
its not competition its a distraction
he should know.

i wish he knew.

he should know better at least.

damn crushes.

he came home with a girl last night.

a girl hed said, weeks ago, that he was done with-too clingy.

a girl hed only hung out with twice. but last night...he brought her home.

why doesnt he see how perfect i am?

for him. like, seriously...

we can sit around and joke for hours. i can pick up his jokes andhe can pick up mine.

i brush his hair up real good. i actually, really like doing that...

i care about him. i listen to his shpiels/rants/tellings. truly listen. or at least make him think i am.

this girl doesnt seem like she can handle it. too meek. i can though. he just wont let me.

but, it is okay. my plan is still working-to become his friend and the rest will follow in time. she will be gone again. and i will still be here. providing his sister and i dont stop being bff. we cant. ever.

alright, im still drunk from last night.


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