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12:47 p.m. - Monday, May. 07, 2012
i told michelle i just want to make out with someone. is that so damned bad?? i dont wanna sex with anyone. just a nice kissing session...

my dumb drunk-self propositioned two eligible bachelors...and was shot down by BOTH! thats never, ever, ever happened.

im too desperate, was too drunk, and/or have totally lost my mojo.

not totally. this guy i met at whiskey tango likes me. sucky thing is, i hardly realize it or care. but i keep hanging out with him. funny thing is, we did kiss, i was drunk, but i didnt want it at all.

im not attracted to him. hes very nice and we get along very well. but i have no desire-maybe even negative desire, if thats a thing-to have him inside me in any capacity. be it his tongue in my mouth, his dick in my v, or his finger up my ass. i want none of it. im prolly gonna have to tell him tomorrow because if not hes gonna wanna make out and pass bases.

i dont feel attractive at all so maybe thats why im not taking this guy seriously. maybe thats why i went out with someone im not attracted to in the first place? i dont see a correlation, its just a question i suppose.

ive accepted lots of things in this life. the latest: hes out there, but ill never find him and if i do, hell never be mine.

im a love ghost, looking for love from coast to coast.


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